Claire Ramsbotham

Claire Ramsbotham

My career was originally focused within the service industry, in the hotel sector on bustling reception desks.  I have always enjoyed the variety of working with the Public and thrived on the multitasking skills demanded from this role.


From hotels I moved into the world of travel and at aged 23, I moved into an Office Manager role, leading a team of 9. My skill base was significantly widened as a result of this promotion and apart from the day to day administration roles, I learned a lot in the areas of H.R, database management and leadership.


In 1995, I decided to learn the family business and joined Mark David Enterprises Ltd, the UK Distributor of a leading German kitchen brand: Nolte Kuechen.  My roles have been many and varied and through the years, I have moved from order checking to Office Manager and finally to Operations Director. Within the past 19 years, I have created and executed many projects including: training programmes, websites, marketing campaigns, exhibition stands, showroom launches & events.  I have been a Council member on the National Training Group for the KBB industry, heading up the marketing steer group. The essence of my day to day work is to ensure our entire operation runs smoothly and to trouble shoot when it doesn’t. At our peak, the business turnover was £5M, we employed 15 staff, owned 2 kitchen showrooms and serviced over 100 stockists nationwide and in Ireland. I am also the financial controller for the company and have used Pegasus software and now Sage software within this role. Recent times have brought many significant changes for our business model and as we have downsized, the opportunity for me to develop my own business has emerged.


In 2013, I developed my personal interest in the practise of mindfulness and meditation to the next level by qualifying as a Coach. In 2014, I opened The Centre of Wellbeing which is an information Centre for all aspects of wellbeing and the home to a number of classes (including mindfulness classes that I coach), seminars and workshops.


In June 2014, my passion for wellbeing led me to a 5 day Intensive where I met Pete Hirst, the creator of ‘rethinkyourmind’.  We realised we had many common goals and that our shared vision was centred in the empowerment of the individual through education & signposting to available options. In September 2014, we registered our Community Interest Company: Develop-Insite CIC and we are now fully operational. This CIC enables us to facilitate projects that focus on positive mental health like ‘rethinkyourmind’ and we are very excited to be launching this project so soon after our conception.


I believe that we never stop growing and learning and I am very passionate about facilitating projects and providing a safe space for people to explore the options, learn from the experiences and grow positively towards their own personal empowerment.


Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day!


Claire Ramsbotham

I am only one, but still I am one.

I cannot do everything, but I can do something.

And I will not let what I cannot do, interfere with what I can do.