Positive mental Health – Poetry and Time

With positive mental health, I don’t depend on slogans and ‘prescriptions, ‘

Or let myself be limited by negative projections and descriptions.

With positive mental health, I can show my ability and my vulnerability,

I can become more fully human, knowing that ‘joy and woe are woven fine.’

I can learn that patient waiting and creative reflection are just as important

as immediate success and constant striving.

I can devote myself to ‘living’ instead of just surviving.




Poetry can reveal

Depth in time,

The co-existence

Of past, present and future,

The moment of unity

And wholeness of Being.

Such poems are a celebration

Of the dance of creation.

Given fleeting form in the speaking,

They slip away into the night,

Defying immediate analysis

In favour of relationship –

Revealing hidden connections.

Old familiar words take on

New form and resonance,

Like old familiar rocks

That erode and blow as

Shifting sand into the desert.

Poetry is the time-lapse

Photography of the soul,

It relates the fragment

To the Whole


Tony Devaney