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Clare Walker Consultancy


Clare Walker is an expert in the field of domestic abuse & has been training professionals UK wide since 2006.


Clare set up the first Freedom Programme victims support group in Leicester in 2004.

Domestic abuse crosses all classes, ages, ethnicities, religions, cultures, races or lifestyles. The Freedom Programme demystifies domestic abuse in all its entirety.


This is most common in heterosexual intimate relationships, male perpetrator and female victim, but by no means solely.


The Freedom Programme model is based on human behaviours, therefore we can all identify with a lot of the tactics.


The difference in an abusive relationship is that the abuser has an agenda, which is to gain power & control of another.


The first step toward recovery is being able to identify that we’re in an abusive relationship –  the Freedom Programme educates us so we can see those relationships for what there are.

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