I’ve Changed

(A song on the theme: ‘With good mental health, I have’)


I’ve changed


I’ve come in out of the rain

And I feel fine



I was lonely, I was sad

Did not consider that I could

Evade the pain

But now I’ve changed again

And I am glad


I’m here


I’ve understood that life is good


I’m learning to appreciate again

And it’s not bad


There’s hope


I’m learning to communicate again

And it’s all good


Sing my refrain…


I’ve changed


And it’s all good again

I’m learning to appreciate…


I’m glad


Oh yes, I’m glad again.




Louise collects a handmade hardback book

She will be presented with this at the House of Lords on the 1st May 2013


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Her work will feature in The Yellow Book going nationwide



Selected Poetry Entries for The Yellow Book please click the titles to view:



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  6. Meadering – Peter McGrath – Essex
  7. Senses – Jade Tullet – Berkshire
  8. The Wren – Ian Curtress – Cheltenham
  9. Recovery – Lesley Burt – Dorset
  10. A Home in my Head – Karen Mason – Surrey
  11. Freedom is Ours – Gemma Rose – East Sussex
  12. Beauty – Debee Ebeneezer – Nottingham
  13. It is Ok – Suzanne Bate – Liverpool
  14. Happiness is Gratitude – Lisa Barry – Rhondda Cynon Taft
  15. I’ve Changed – Louise Gillett – Christchurch Dorset
  16. Sunny Side Up – Karim Harvey – London
  17. Proud to be me – Denise Claxton – Essex
  18. Daylight after Rain – John Campbell – London
  19. I Can See The Colour and I Can Feel The Sun – Elizabeth Aldous – Luton
  20. Free To Be Me – Diana Hayes – Abergavenny
  21. Bus Journey – Safoora Masood – Halifax
  22. There Once Was a Young Girl From Wales – Katy Young – Flintshire
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Congratulations from all of us at !!

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