How Are You Today?


How Are You Today?


The Leicester based Citizens Eye’s community news agency has a mental health news agency called How Are You Today?


The meetings take place the first Sunday of every month at the Phoenix Square Film 7 Digital Media Centre in Leicester.


The informal meetings begin at 2.00 pm and last for about an hour in the relaxing cafe surroundings.


For those who are interested in attending, the purpose of the group is really to discuss mental health and its plethora of issues, provide what personal support we can and try to address some of the discrimination and stigma that accompanies this whole area.


The meeting is open to anyone with an interest in mental health. There is no compulsion or pressure to talk and people can be as open or ‘closed’ as they wish. It is very informal.


You can find out more on our facebook page ‘How Are You Today?’ or on the Citizens Eye site